Every switch and control cabinet is equipped with something very unique: The special requirements demanded by a customer for a highly individual WTG. There’s good reason why we are always striving to set new standards in planning, development and production. At the end of the day, there is always a particularly high standard which has to be reached: Yours.

Brimming with ideas:
Our Top and Tower Boxes.

The soul of a wind turbine is contained in the top and tower boxes regardless whether at its base or in the nacelle. This is where all information converges, is processed and results in the optimal positioning of your WTG vis-a-vis the wind. There could be no greater need for extreme reliability and safety than here.

A standard configuration from SSB Wind Systems is one that sets standards, either with custom designed housing, SPS, vibration sensors or other components. Each optimally coordinated with one another. By the way, when you are not only looking for the optimal, but also the perfect solution: Every top and tower box can be enhanced with a variety of options such as touchscreens, etc.