On behalf of our customers we develop and build switch and control cabinets for various machines and equipment - starting from the production of prototypes to serial production. Also special solutions, e.g. a special housing for high environmental demands, will be delivered according to the appropriate norms and guidelines of SSB. Our services include:

  • Creation of circuit diagram in ePlan P8 or ePlan ProPanel
  • 2D or 3D switch and control cabinet construction
  • Automated production of mounting plates and door/wall cutouts
  • Design of components based on DIN EN 60204-1 and DIN EN 61439-1/2
  • CE-certification of switch and control cabinets for the European market
  • UL/CSA certification of switch and control cabinets for the  north American market. Either through SSB Panel Shop Listing or single listing of the cabinets or rather single components
  • Design of complete drive units – converter / motor combination
  • Installation and und commissioning on site
  • Switch and control cabinets in job order production