In addition to electrical pitch systems, Nidec SSB Wind Systems offers a broad spectrum of products and services for onshore and offshore wind energy in Nidec Corporation. The company is now scaling up its marketing activities in France.

Nidec SSB Wind Systems is represented globally with production facilities as well as sales offices in Germany, China and India. Additional sales offices are located in the USA and in Korea. The company’s headquarters based in Salzbergen (Emsland) is responsible for marketing all over Europe. “In order to sustainably scale up our marketing activities in France, we have decided to partner strategically with Mywindparts,” says Jörg Meyer, Sales Manager at Nidec SSB Wind Systems.

Mywindparts, based in Gigean, about 30 kilometers south-west of Montpellier, was founded by Sébastian Duchesne about three years ago. The manufacturer-independent distributor specializes in the spare parts and service business in the wind energy market as well as the repairing of wind energy plant components. For years, Sébastian Duchesne gathered experience in the purchasing of spare parts and service components in different major wind park operating companies and is thus very well connected.

The range of products includes main components, electric, mechanical and hydraulic systems as well as wear parts and consumables such as filters, brushes or lubricants and coolants. As a “wind energy plant optimizer”, Mywindparts promises its clients an efficient supply chain with short delivery periods. Moreover, the company advises plant and wind park operators regarding the organization of their stocks.

Nidec SSB Wind Systems has positioned itself as a manufacturer of electrical pitch systems for onshore and offshore plants in the power range of 3 to 11 MW. Additionally, the company offers, among others, generators in different power categories, switch and control cabinets as well as all auxiliary drives necessary for wind energy plants, e.g. for the azimuth, for gear lubrication pumps or fan motors.

From Jörg Meyer’s point of view, cooperating with the new partner is a real win-win situation: “Mywindparts is now in a position to access Nidec SSB Wind Systems’ comprehensive spare part and service portfolio and hence also offer our retrofit solutions to the French wind energy market. For us, the strategic partnership in turn means stepping up the service and spare parts business in France from which we are certainly going to benefit.”

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Universal battery racks for an emergency power supply of electrical pitch systems. In case of a battery exchange, only the battery itself has to be changed, not the whole device. The battery rack with all its connections will be re-used and stays at the same position. This not only saves time and money but also resources.

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